Posted by: Jolie | December 16, 2007

An overdue update

Wow!  A lot of things have happened since I updated this blog.

AJ started Kindergarten in September. When we went for a teacher’s conference in November, his teacher said he wasn’t doing very good. He was behind all the other kids. He’s doing a lot better now. Between, the babysitter, us and AJ himself, he’s doing a lot better. I am just glad that he likes to practice his letters and stuff. We need to get him up to speed on his numbers because he can’t seem to retain which ones are which at the moment. Sometimes, he remember them other times he doesn’t.

My family got him a Read and Write Leap Pad and I got him a Leapster so he is getting things to help him learn for Christmas.

Posted by: Jolie | October 21, 2007


I finally found a new home for this blog. I decided not to renew the domain for it. I am cutting expenses and the domain was not necessary.

Posted by: Jolie | October 12, 2006

What kind of child, part 1

What kind of child do I have? The kind that when asked if he wanted corn, which I thought for sure he would want, instead grabs a can of peas from the cabinet. When he was a baby, he wouldn’t eat any green veggies, only orange ones. Now, he can’t get enough of them.

I also have the kind of child, that after being cut off from drinking anything after 7 pm, sneaks drinks from the bathroom faucets and while putting back the pitcher of juice that I left out, sneaks a drink from that also. I told him that I am tired of washing his Sponge Bob sheets so he better stop but I doubt that he will. My lil sneak…..

Posted by: Jolie | September 12, 2006

Our Labor Day Weekend

Daddy, AJ and I went to Kentucky to see AJ’s mamaw for Labor Day weekend. We hadn’t seen her since Christmas. We had a nice visit, got home late and AJ sneezed all the way home. I thought he just had allergy problems but it turned out he had a cold. While walking into the house, the mosquito’s decided to have a feast on my little p’nut and we didn’t know it. I think at least one may have gotten into the house and bit him in here also. When I got home from work last Tuesday, he had a lot of bites and they were swelled up quite badly, especially the bites on his forehead. He had so many, his forehead swelled up like someone had hit him. Not to mention he looked awful because he was sick and was running a fever.

It didn’t take long for him to get over it all. Though some of the bites are still dark spots on his skin.

Posted by: Jolie | August 27, 2006

Testing me

My beautiful little jelly bean, AJ loves to test my patience and what he can get away with constantly. After his doing this all day, I finally had enough, last night and told him he could just go to bed. This was around 10:00. He should have been in bed earlier but was not. I get tired of constantly having to repeat myself or to raise my voice so he ends up staying awake past his bedtime quite often.

Even though, AJ didn’t go to sleep until almost midnight, when I awoke to use the bathroom at 7:00, his father told me that he had been awake for about an hour. So, I made him climb in bed with me. I slept until 10:30, while AJ has been up for about 15 minutes.

Right now, AJ’s upset with me because the amount of eggs that I saved for him is not enough. Of course, it isn’t. Things are never right, at first. Eventually, he gives in and eats or agrees to whatever.

Calgon, take me away!! 😉

Posted by: Jolie | August 17, 2006

summer haircut

Daddy and I recently cut most of AJ’s hair off. He had a mop of hair and would sweat badly when he went outside. He’s petrified of having his neck and hair buzzed. He wouldn’t hold still so he ended up with lots of marks on his neck from the extension on the clippers.

Tonight, I decided to take my woman’s razor and trim the hair still left on his neck. I told him what I was going to do but he still moved and I cut a big chunk out of the bottom of the back. I kept trying to trim it up but he kept moving so it looks like crap. Oh well, it will grow back……..


Posted by: Jolie | July 16, 2006

what a day

Nothing really new has happened so far this summer. Hopefully, next month, I can finally get AJ his glasses. He was supposed to have had them in January. I haven’t had the money to get them and his dad hasn’t given me any. I feel like a failure as a parent because I haven’t been able to afford his glasses. I am just trying to make ends meet and keep a place to live with electricity.

Yesterday, we had a full day. We had to go to Daddy’s company picnic, then we went to Dave and Buster’s, which is a video game place. AJ had fun there, let me tell you. After that Daddy called up one of his friends that he hasn’t seen in a while and we went there. AJ got to play with their 2 yr old son. Both of the boys were happy to have someone to play with. We left around 9:30 at night and got home after 10:00. AJ was tired and sunburned. After a few pieces of pizza and  a quick bath, he was off to bed.

Posted by: Jolie | June 3, 2006

teaching a 4 yr old

I’ve been neglecting my baby’s blog but at least I don’t neglect him.

AJ’s been working on learning his letters and numbers. He can show me on his fingers up to five but he can count to ten. He still skips some of his letters. We just need to get him to learn them visually. He knows all of his primary colors and some shapes.

I am not a very good teacher. He learns a lot from TV and when he visits my sister. He doesn’t like to sit down and write on paper for me. He can’t write a single letter or number.

Posted by: Jolie | May 21, 2006

visiting time

I took AJ’s to Grandma yesterday since we didn’t get to see her for mother’s day. We spent the night and came home today. Saturday, AJ had lots of fun. He ran around her big yard and played. His aunt and uncle picked him up from Grandma’s and took him to their respective houses to visit.

Posted by: Jolie | May 6, 2006

special delivery

I got a nice surprise Thursday morning. I forgot my coffee at home and two-wayed Daddy via Nextel. When he didn’t answer, I shut my phone off. Little did I know, AJ had awoke when I left for work at 5:30. As I was working, I looked up to see Daddy and AJ. I looked down and noticed what AJ had in his hands, my coffee! I hurried over to them and took it from AJ, thanking him.

They left my area and went to see my boss, D. Daddy knows D because he used to work there. Later in the day, D told me that after she talked to AJ for a while, she asked him for a kiss and he puckered up, giving her a great big kiss on the month. She thinks AJ is the greatest and very smart. 🙂

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